Advantages in knowledge sharing for online marketing growth in the startup culture

You don’t have to be in business circles long to hear people talk about the importance of knowledge sharing and giving away IP. It’s all too easy to nod along with this advice, hit ‘like’ or ‘share’, and leave it there. After all, no matter how good it sounds, giving away knowledge that was earned through years of hard work, trial and error, can go completely against what feels right. This is especially true for startups on a budget, when every action needs to count. Spending time and money on non monetised content can seem counter-intuitive. Sharing knowledge isn’t just Read more…

How to engage non-competing vendors in your vertical to get guest blog placements

All online businesses know that guest blog placements can be instrumental in getting backlinks and increasing your own site authority. Actually securing these posts, however, can be a daunting task. Where to begin? With some creative thinking, it’s easy to engage non-competing vendors in your vertical. All it really takes is a good process and an investment of some time.   1. Think like the customer The best way to understand your position in a vertical market is to understand your customer’s mindset. What else are they in the market for? Where else are they looking? Don’t think of specific Read more…

What we learned: Building and growing an online design e-commerce marketplace in Australia

paperlust wedding invitation set sample

Wow what a year it has been for us at Krafthaus, this year has taken us in an entirely new direction in the digital landscape. In early 2015 we set out creating our new online product start-up, it’s called Paperlust. Paperlust is is a platform marketplace for wedding invitations, birthday, stationery and invitation marketplace. We looked at the stationery design market in Australia and noticed the lack of creativity in the current designs that were out there, with the common theme being under designed clip art, and overly tacky in nature. A lot of the quality design in the Australian Read more…

Krafthaus’s top ten digital trends for 2013

Krafthaus’s top ten digital trends for 2013

OK, as a number of the projects we have been working on here are ‘hush hush’ we can’t share them with you yet. So instead I thought I would share our ‘top ten’ digital trends of 2013. Hopefully in the New Year we will be able to share some of the things we have been working on, a lot of which are based on what we see as the future of digital.