Digital Marketing

Krafthaus is a digital marketing agency in Melbourne dedicated to helping our clients grow their business and engage with their audience.

Here at Krafthaus we have the expertise to help our clients with their digital marketing so that their business can raise visibility and engagement with customers.

We will help you develop a digital strategy that will suit you and will gain the results you are after. A strategy helps you clearly define what your goal is, and once you know what your goal is you can see when you are moving towards achieving that goal. A goal needs an action plan on how to get there.

It’s good to outline a clear strategy to understand where you are now as compared to where you want to be in terms of digital marketing. It helps you to see areas of growth and potential opportunities you might be missing out on without valuable digital marketing in place.


Meeting your target audience

Digital marketing with a clear digital strategy can help you reach your target audience, the people you want to see you online and engage with in digital conversation. We can help get them to your site. Once you’ve got them to your site though there is still work to do to get them to spend time on it and engage with the content, and turn their visit into an enquiry or business transaction. You want to continually engage with your customers, have them coming back and convert them to buyers. Conversion optimisation helps to improve the percentage of visitors who take meaningful actions.

You want to make sure you are reaching the right audience, but it’s also important to try and widen the reach of your business so you have the potential to connect with new customers. We will help you increase traffic, capture more leads and connect to your site’s visitors so they can move towards becoming customers. We can measure these results to make sure they are meeting your business’s objectives and find any areas of improvement.


More to digital marketing than meets the eye

Digital marketing involves many different aspects and areas of work, all with slightly different aims but still with the goal to improve you customer engagement, increase visibility and traffic and sales conversion. We will help you plan to utilise each of these different areas and ensure maximum results.

Different aspects involved with digital marketing:

  • Digital strategy
    We will help you in creating an overall plan for the digital marketing of your business. Think of the goals you have marketing wise, whether it’s to increase organic traffic, improve customer engagement, brand awareness. Once you know what it is you want to focus on you can get started on achieving your goals.
  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important for getting your business visible online. After researching the different search terms your customers are looking for, you will have an understanding of the keywords you should be utilising within you content. By focusing on these keywords you can improve your site’s visibility and increase traffic.
  • Content marketing
    Now this is a big one. One of the most influential type of marketing, if you can get this right you can really do a lot of good for the growth of your business. Content marketing can help your customers, not to mention Google, find you, as well as giving them all the right information they’re after and positioning your business as an authority within your industry.
  • SEM
    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of marketing that involves promoting websites to increase their visibility, primarily through paid advertising. While SEM is definitely important you want to make sure you don’t rely solely on this and ignore SEO or content marketing.
  • Influencer marketing
    There are plenty of influencers within the digital world, the kind of people who can really capture a loyal audience. They are worth looking into to see how you might connect with them to help spread awareness of your business.
  • Campaign marketing
    This requires quite a lot of planning and marketing through various mediums. You really need to put a lot of work into this to make sure the results are worth it. But don’t let that scare you off, it’s definitely worth doing. Just make sure you do it right.
  • Social media marketing
    If you’re not going to promote yourself on social media you might as well not exist in the digital space at all. You’re doing yourself a grave injustice, as social media is a great way to reach out to a wider audience. You can capture people’s attention, perhaps people who might not have thought of you otherwise and really broaden your customer base and awareness of your brand. It’s a great way to spread the word.


We are the experts in digital marketing and online strategy, so if you want to up your game in the digital stakes, we can help you do it.