User Experience & Design for Utility

We are User Experience (UX) specialists with expertise in creative direction, information architecture, responsive design strategy, wireframing and concept design.

There are five simple reasons why you need Krafthaus to improve your User Experience.


  1. Time is money

When customers come to your website on a pc, tablet or mobile device or use your app, you have only a very short period of time to influence an outcome. Whether your goal is to capture data, encourage a pathway decision, or make a sale, UX optimisation is critical to gain brand trust, recognition and ensure the user remains engaged. At Krafthaus we use data to consider the what, why and how of digital product usage. Ensuring complex information and messages are conveyed simply is our first goal of UX to ensure that users don’t bounce straight back out again.


  1. Drive Loyalty

Think about the best customer service experience you had recently. It may have been at a restaurant where no request was too much trouble, on an airline getting an upgrade, or a retailer who wrapped up those presents for free. These types of experiences are those that drive customer loyalty. Conversely it is being on hold with the phone company for an hour, a watch that breaks after one use, or the unexpected charge on your hotel bill. These types of experiences (the unforeseen, the lag, the poor performance) are all things that happen in the digital space every day. Krafthaus has the experience to identify and rectify these types of user experience issues in the digital space so you can get users back time and time again.


  1. ROI and Conversion

Once you have traffic to your site, and you have processes in place to transact, the next step is to generate a return on investment (ROI) on you digital asset. Measuring the performance of the site using conversion rates is the starting point to improving the UX, and is a much more effective metric than actual sales figures to evaluate the effectiveness of your asset. At Krafthaus we focus on three areas of UX to improve ROI:

  • Improvements that encourage return usage to create loyal customers
  • Make it easier for customers to transact
  • Converting browsers into buyers

We have proven UX improvement strategies for all three of these points and can assist your business in one or all three.


  1. Productivity and Efficiency

Improvements in UX can lead to efficiencies as well. Removing pain points, allowing tasks to be completed faster improves user experience at both the internal and external stakeholders. At Krafthaus we have helped businesses scale in the digital space from small start-ups to mature enterprises by improving the efficiency of internal management tasks as well ass external customer facing tasks.


  1. Satisfied Customers

Krafthaus has completed several projects where we have been able to quantify the improvements in UX via Net Promoter Scores. Improvement in customer satisfaction is one of the core tenants in retaining customers and also gaining business by referrals.