Our Story

by James Boston

Quite simply, we are all about experience in the digital space. We are the creative digital agency with business acumen that delivers digital solutions that consider all facets of every user and every touch point.


Krafthaus was established due to the need to connect business and consumers who are at the cutting edge of technology. We are happiest working with companies who want to be agile, innovative and take an entrepreneurial approach.


We are a team of over fourty young creatives, developers, business people and strategic thinkers. We believe that the digital world means the end of the traditional business and economic boundaries, and spread across two countries, our workplace is truly global.


Krafthaus solves problems using the latest cutting edge technologies. Our specialities include but are not limited to:

Full-Service Digital Agency Melbourne
– Web design for mobile and desktop
– Branding
– Digital Strategy
– Web applications and software
– Content Creation (written, photography, video)
– Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
– Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
– Social Media Marketing
– Design and user experience
– Conversion Optimisation
Digital Publishing



We treat every client as a partner and work collaboratively internally and externally. Our process managed using Agile management principles and workflow is managed using kanban methodology.




The cool kids that make krafthaus tick

Senior Leadership Team - Australia

Digital means we are no longer just local citizens, we are global citizens and krafthaus looks at each of our solutions from a global perspective

James Boston

Strategy Director
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Kate Noseda

Art Director
Time and money earned should be spent creating and experiencing the world in the best light possible.

Alex Boston

Project Director

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Senior Leadership Team - Indonesia

Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace

Arief Widyananda

MD-KH Indonesia
Black is the new white.

Indra Ramdhani

Team Leader
Big or small, trust is much more important.

Arpa Adi Tyawan

Project Manager
Not perfect, Just trying to be better

Arif Shodikin

Senior Programmer

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Client: RMIT

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