Mobile Websites

Mobile has expanded the digital reach, but has added a layer of complexity to how businesses and brands communicate. We are mobile experts including mobile strategy, mobile application development, UI and UX for mobile and mobile websites.

At Krafthaus we build all of our digital products under mobile first design methodology. Since our very beginnings as an agency we have always undertaken responsive web design. This is a web design method that allows content to fit differently screens and devices automatically, allowing for content to be displayed in a way the people like. The advantages of responsive web design include less scrolling, zooming and panning when browsing content on the internet.

As mobile traffic overtook desktop (some time in 2016) we moved to a design methodology known as progressive enhancement, which is about designing for the smallest screen first with a solid foundation and adding enhancements as the screen size increases. With this mobile first methodology, it enhances our designs for tablet and desktop. Designing the content and mobile design puts content over navigation in the hierarchy of the design, meaning that users get the information they need faster.


Mobile strategy

With content the key tenant of mobile first design, we at Krafthaus have become experts of delivering brand and sales messages strategically on the small screen. Presenting only critical content puts a high demand on our UX team, forcing them to remove an extraneous elements and focus on what is absolutely necessary. It doesn’t mean that these elements are without purpose, jus that they aren’t of use for the mobile user. Mobile users have different needs and purposes than desktop users and out UX team is experienced in understanding the mindset of the mobile user. For example, white space is great on desktop when you have a large screen to make readability and navigation easier, however it is not so on mobile, where white space can lead to excessive scrolling and zooming. Collapsible widgets and navigation is also more useful on mobile. Imagery also needs to be optimised for different devices and all of our mobile first designs optimise for mobile, tablet and desktop imagery.


Mobile application development

We have always held a view that most native applications can be outperformed by browser-based apps, however we do develop iOS and Android apps for specific uses. The reason for our aversion to native apps prescribed by many other digital agencies in Melbourne is that going native can lock out the best functionalities of the web, including shareability. However, there are times when going native can have its advantages, such as for inventory systems and sales. If you believe you have a need for an app for an existing business please get in touch as we would be happy to discuss your need to native or not.

  • iOS applications

Our iOS apps can integrate both enterprise and “in-app” functions, meaning that our apps can allow for in-app purchases and APIs. iOS is still the most popular platform as it generates the most purchases. Krafthaus can assist with all stages of iOS development from prototyping right through to addition to the itunes market.


  • Android applications

As with iOS applications, Krafthaus has experience to deliver for your needs. Andorid allows for more flexibility being an open source system, making it easier to customise and give users absolute control over hardware and software elements.


UI and UX for mobile and mobile websites.

As we outlined earlier, our mobile first methodology sees up sketching and prototyping for the smallest screen first, ensuring the right experience for each device.

For many years mobile sites were an afterthought but changes to usage, and also to the way that google views mobile sites for search engine ranking now sees more emphasis on UI and UX for mobile than ever before.