Content Creation

Content creation is an important part of Krafthaus. We want to help our clients connect with their audience through effective and authoritative content. We create content marketing strategies that demonstrate thought leadership and position our clients as a relevant and valued voice within their industry.

By creating quality content we will help you build customer engagement and your visibility on Google to encourage higher levels of traffic and conversion.

Content creation involves many different aspects:

  • Written content
  • Visual content
  • Content strategy
  • Engagement and conversion rate optimisation
  • Story telling

Content creation is about more than just writing about what our clients do, we work with our clients to really understand what message they want to get across to their audience and through thorough planning we create content with purpose that will get them the results they want.

Yes, you need a Content Strategy

In order to ensure that the content we create for you will gain you the right results, Krafthaus first develops a strategy.

We work with our clients to get a clear understanding of their goals, to come up with a content strategy that will engage with the right audience and lead to the optimal conversion rate. We want to create quality content that will position our client as leaders in their industry, and through solid strategy we will make certain that our content is effective and fully represents the voice of our client.

Developing a content strategy can involve a few different aspects, including:

  • Content writing
    –the content we create often covers web copy, foundation copy and blog writing. Each serve a slightly different purpose for your website, but all encourage conversion rate optimisation and customer engagement.
  • SEO and keyword optimisation
    –we will create strategic content with the aim to become more visible which leads to higher levels of website traffic.
  • Testing the results of our content
    –Krafthaus don’t just write content and leave it at that, we will make sure the content is gaining the desired results and if not we will tweak and improve it to ensure our content strategy will be effective and successful.
  • Web design
    –we will look at the existing website design and look for areas of improvement and potentially redesign and rewrite the website if needed.

Content creation is about more just about simply putting words on our client’s website, we aim to optimise our contents effectiveness. Your message needs to be clear, any confusion will mean viewers will click off and look for another site that is easier to understand. We create content that is easily digestible while still intelligent and informative.

Tell a story through content creation

Content is king, that has always been true and more and more businesses are coming to understand the value of well-written content as an important part of their business. To create compelling content you need to tell a story about your company including who you are, what you do, the skills and services you offer customers, and case studies from previous customers.

Through story telling your content is much more likely to engage your audience and have them looking to find out more. Content creation should always have a purpose, whether that’s to engage with your audience, improve your Google ranking or just to be seen as an industry leader.

Krafthaus creates purposeful content that represents the voice of your brand. We understand how important content is and will make sure that yours is on point.

Content strategy involves being aware of where the brand currently sits, which requires a full analysis of any already existing content so as to have a greater understand of the content that is needed. We will create a content strategy that will get results.

Content creation can be more than words

Creating content isn’t always written, sometimes it can also be visual. Through visual content you can also create engaging content that can play an important part in communicating with customers. Visual content is great for getting a message across quicker and can often be more accessible for a larger general audience.

We use talented graphic designers from Melbourne, photographers and video production teams to create visual elements to go along with the text, such as:

  • Video
  • Animations
  • Imagery
  • Infographics  

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. An image or video could work better for some companies to get their message across or explain a particular concept more quickly and clearly than lines and lines of text.