Blog Writing

As a digital agency in Melbourne, Krafthaus understands the importance of blog writing as an integral part of a content strategy. Blog writing has become a powerful force in recent years, people look for blog posts that give authority on a myriad of subjects. We make sure that we create blog writing for our clients that will effectively give their customers the information they are looking for, while at the same time positioning our clients as authorities in their industry.

Through blog writing you can create content that further explores different aspects of the industry, including new emerging trends and changes, relevant people and events to know about and updates on what your brand is doing. Blog writing is a constant output of content, it’s a way to participate in the conversation about things going on in your industry.

Stand up and be noticed with blog posts

Blog posts add further authority. It makes Google notice you if you regularly update new content, not to mention more chance of catching the attention of a new audience. Blog writing also gives you a little more freedom in what you want to write about, if there is a problem you customers regularly face or a question they always ask, then writing a blog post about it is a great way to address it and give your customers everything they need.

Blog writing is an opportunity to optimise relevant keywords and improve your visibility. We will think about all the relevant keywords that people might be searching for when looking for what your company provides so as to make sure you are maximising on all opportunities. But we are not about keyword stuffing, the content still needs to be readable so it’s all about looking for the opportunities once the content is created to ensure natural writing style and readability.

Blog writing is a way to always make sure you are up-to-date and that the information you provide you customers is current. It is a more informal writing style that encourage conversation with customers and gives them a platform to engage with.

Regular content can create regular customers

Blog posts are a great way to add freshness to your website and attract new customers. People can often be more likely to stumble across your website from searching for a similar term that perhaps was written about in a blog post which interested them enough to further look into you company. Customers appreciate regular and informative updates, it will keep them coming back to your sight once they see the quality content creation you have on offer. Even if they aren’t ready to sign on as a customer they will keep you in mind until they are ready.

We create well thought out and well written blog posts that will add accessibility and authority to your company. Blog post are often easier to read and digest, the language might be more informal and any complicated processes are broken down to be more easily understood.

People like things they can rely on. And through creating a regular blog writing plan you will find that your customers will continue to come back to your website.

Blog content is shareable content

One of the main benefits of creating blog posts is that they can then be shared through social media channels. This means a wider spread to different audiences, creating opportunity for new customers, who might just come across your blog post as opposed to actively searching for your website, but will then look further into your website and other blog posts.

We aim to write blog content that is shareable and easy to engage with. Writing blog content for a client generates consistently likeable, traffic inducing and web ranking content that can then be shared across social media for further reach and relevance.

With well-written blog content you can become more visible on different channels, if it’s something that someone finds interesting they are likely to share the post through their own channel, spreading your reach even further. Never underestimate the effect a great blog post can have.