Content Writing

Content writing is a big part of what we do. We are a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, and we believe that through really well thought out and well-written content you will be able to have much more effect in reaching customers, engaging with them and encouraging conversion.

We create content that is authoritative, that will position our client as a leader in their industry, someone who really knows what they’re doing that their own clients can trust. At Krafthaus we conduct research into what the audience of our client might be looking for to ensure that our content reaches them.

Words can be very powerful, and we make sure to properly wield that power for the benefit of our client.

Content writing: the right message with the right words

Content writing is all about engaging with your audience. At Krafthaus we believe that with the right words you can deliver the right message to your clients and capture the attention of any potential clients.

There are different types of content writing, including:

  • Web copy
    –Writing web copy ensures that your website has content on each of its pages for Google to see, which leads to increased visibility. It also helps your customers understand what is one each page and know that it holds the information they are looking for.
  • Foundation writing
    – Krafthaus creates foundation pieces that stand as long form content providing more in-depth information. We find these long pieces to be very effective and they provide your customers with much more detailed information which encourages more time spent on site.
  • Blog writing
    –Creating blog posts is something we really believe to be beneficial to your website. It allows for regular, relevant content that is shareable and encourages conversation with your customers.

These different writing forms each serve a different purpose, though with the same goal in mind: to reach and engage with your audience.

Good writing starts with a plan

Content writing is dependent on creating a strong content strategy, a well thought out outline of the message that our client wants to convey to engage with their audience. Content writing is more than just putting down words, it’s strategic – it’s words with a purpose.

Krafthaus works with our clients to make sure that both sides are clear on the plan that is developed and the outcomes it aims to achieve. We are dedicated to developing a strong relationship with our client through clear communication.

We will work with you to develop a content strategy, depending on the content that needs to be created for you. Krafthaus customises plans that suits you and that will see measurable results and lead to conversion rate optimisation. You need to make sure you message is right, work out what you want your content to say about you, we can help you with looking at what your potential clients might be searching for.

With a content plan set in place we can then see the results and analyse anything that needs changing. It means that we can work out any issues along the way and ensures that our client is happy with outcome.

Create authority with content

We write web copy and foundation content for your website to place you as an authority within your industry and to improve your Google ranking so that you can easily get found. Foundation pieces are the best way to give customers all the information they need on what you offer, they also encourage longer time spent on site.

With thorough research we’ll create content that showcases your expertise, which in turn will instil trust in your clients that you really know what you’re talking about. We focus on keyword optimisation with our content writing so that you become highly visible and maximise potential traffic to your website. We research keywords that are relevant so that content can reach a wider audience, anyone who might be searching for the service or product that you have on offer.

Krafthaus works to position our clients as thought leaders and experts in their fields that their customers can trust and rely on. A big part of this is making sure you are seen by the right audience, and that is the result of great content writing.